You have to love Mark Levin. He has to be the single-most well-versed Constitutionalist walking the face of the earth. He is also one of the most passionate patriots in our country. “The Great One” as he is known.

Recently, he had this to say;

“The most dangerous threat that America faces isn’t China, isn’t Russia, isn’t even the Islamo-Nazis. The greatest threat America faces is Barack Obama.”

He says it like it is; basically our president gives more respect to the maniacal nuke-hungry Iran, than he does to our own country’s leaders that disagree with him. Levin is absolutely right. The hatred for all opposed to King Obama is evident in his dagger-like if-looks-could-kill eyes, in his tone with his smart-ass juvenile slap-downs of the press-corps who dare question his motives, and in his arrogant behavior, among other things.

How does Obama get away with this?

“He’s unencumbered because we’re in a post-constitutional period, thanks to many people, including him and the Republican leadership in Congress.”

Again, that is Mark Levin, and again he could not be more right. Over the course of these past 7 years of the Obama presidency we have watched 239 years of freedom erode very quickly. Obama has done in 7 years that which could take decades to un-do.

Levin has many answers as to how to go about fixing our situation. We should all listen to his words, and heed his warnings, especially our leadership, and if they won’t listen, then we need to start speaking out very loudly, followed by speaking with the lever in the voting booth.

We should be thankful for Levin, and his wisdom and insight when it comes to salvaging, re-building, and ensuring our God-given freedoms as the Founding Fathers envisioned.

h/t: CNS News

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