Did you know America is on “High Alert?” This seems to have escaped the news. Why shouldn’t it?

We are, after all, enduring an Administration and lap-dog mainstream media that will take each and every opportunity to cover-up anything regarding the compromised safety of the nation. This time, the incident happened in New York City’s JFK International Airport.

Ringing any bells?

A plane load of passengers arriving from Mexico debarked. Those who were not Americans just blazed past customs without a second look.

One passenger brought this to the attention of Transportation Security Administration.

“I told them what happened and asked them what should I do.”

They said to me, ‘That’s fine, you’re OK. Go ahead.”

Seriously. Perhaps the conversation could have gone like this; “Excuse me, TSA. There is a man screaming allah akbar, waving a knife back there in the concourse.

To which one of our stellar airport security personnel, listening and watching all things always, says, “That’s fine, you’re OK. Go ahead.”

How about, “I am having a heart attack,” and getting, “That’s fine, you’re OK. Go ahead.”

This appears to be par for course, as a similar event happened with another flight just a couple days after ISIS threatened New York.

So much, for ‘if you see something, say something.’ Boy howdy, though, you better not bring in a bottle of lotion bigger than useless, or carry your Starbuck through the security checkpoint.

You might find yourself in the cop-a-feel line watching foreigners sail on-by the customs on their way out, heading deep into the heart of America.

The airport response?

“I apologize for any inconvenience this may be for you; however, it is a Customs requirement that every passenger entering the United States must clear Customs,” read their email.

Yeah, it’s gonna be a real inconvenience when one of these days one of the passengers turns out to be ISIS.

So, yes, we are on high alert, thanks to the same folks that make you remove your shoes, who can’t seem to corral international flights through customs. Awesome.

Source: Mad World News




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