Most critical thinking individuals are well aware that civil societies across the globe are under attack by a perverse Islamic ideology steeped within a medieval culture of Jihad, a biblical “clash of cultures” as profound as those hordes of Muslims that overran Europe and North Africa centuries ago.

And it’s because of that history and the recent carnage committed by Islamic extremists all across Europe that Morocco has decided to take preventive measures to protect their citizens by banning the Muslim garb, “the burka.”

The full body garment worn by traditional Muslim woman covering the entire body including the face will now be banned.

The Interior Ministry ordered the ban effective immediately amid national security concerned that the garment makes a perfect decoy in transporting weapons, bombs and can even be employed by suicide bombers.

The ban had been purposed after reports that criminals dressing up in the burka were committing crimes and hiding their identity behind the full face veil.

The Ministry announced 'We have taken the step of completely banning the import, manufacture and marketing of this garment in all the cities and towns of the kingdom.”

Morocco in general practices a more moderate forum of Islam, and most woman prefer wearing the hijab headscarf which is much the less severe then covering the entire face with only slit openings for the eyes.

Moreover authorities in the southern province of Taroudant have ordered all shops, either selling or making burgas to immediately begin liquidating their stock within 48-hours.

In Taroudant in southern Morocco, authorities ordered traders to stop making and selling burqas and to liquidate their stock within 48 hours, the reports said.

Wearing full veils in public has been a point of contention in Europe however after the mass carnage by radical Islamic extremist both France and Belgium have made it illegal to wear full veils in public.

Hopefully when President-elect Trump officially takes office on January 20th that the president’s security team puts measures into place also banning full body coverage.

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Source: Daily Mail

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