A Muslim leader with a history of remarks so shocking that even The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled him anti-Semitic and an advocate of anti-white theology has ratcheted up his rhetoric another notch as he urged African-American members of the military to desert and return to their communities to fight white Americans.

The 82-year-old Nation of Islam leader has been known by many names, including Louis Eugene Wolcott, Louis X, Abdul-Haleem, and as he rose through the ranks of Muslim leadership in America during and following the era of Malcolm X, is now known as Louis Farrakhan.

Echoing Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s infamous, “America’s chickens are coming home to roost,” pronouncement from the pulpit at the Trinity United Church of Christ where President Obama worshipped for many years, Farrakhan told believers that white Americans are facing a “day of judgment” as a reckoning for the “iniquities of their fathers” at recent speech at the Chicago headquarters of the Nation of Islam.

While seeming to acknowledge that slavery is a thing of the past, Farrakhan branded all 21st century white Americans as virtually the same as slave-owners in the past.

“When a man has done that kind of evil, they are long gone and dead, but they’ve produced offspring, and it doesn’t seem like the offspring are better than those that did the evil because the children are doing the same things as their fathers.

Farrakhan pointed to recent incidents in which African-Americans were killed in confrontations with white police as evidence of white oppression and support for his call to black soldiers to abandon their posts and take up arms at home.

“Why are you in the armed forces fighting for a democracy that you don’t have at home? Why are you in the armed forces of America going overseas to fight someone that never did a thing to you then act pitifully when your own people are shot down in front of you?”

The religious leader who has called Judaism a “gutter religion” and told a New York radio talk-show audience, “Hitler was a very great man, a great German for rising Germany up from the ashes,” predicted that African-Americans would “tear this goddamn country up” as revenge for the “injustice” committed in the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

“I’m calling on all of the soldiers that fight for America: Come home and let’s unite and fight for our lives since the federal government refuses to fight for us. We must fight for ourselves!”


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