It would seem Hillary is having a very difficult time staying off of law enforcement's radar with all of her borderline and full blown illegal activity lately. She pretends that she is just like any other American but like most things Hillary says and does her actions seem to directly contradict her words. In fact, she sees herself as above the rest of Americans and because of that she feels that she is above the laws and rules that the rest of us must follow. Her most recent blunder just proves this.

While the nation was focussed on the FBI reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton most people missed what Hillary and Bill Clinton were busted doing in New York.

It would seem the $1.15 million paid in August for the 3,631-square-foot house next door to their original Westchester home wasn't enough for the Clintons. They recently decided that the home was due for some new renovations. The Clintons originally hired a contractor for what was supposed to be a simple paint job but soon the greedy pair had a massive grocery list of tasks for the contractor. If this extra work wasn't hard enough, they gave him a deadline of Thanksgiving to have everything done.

In order to meet their new rushed deadline the pair decided to throw all those permits required for the renovations out the window. Too bad for them, some people didn't respect them blatantly disregarding the laws.

Somebody exposed the two for their snake-like behavior and outed them to the Building Inspector William Maskiell, who came and inspected their Chappaqua property, and he wasn't too pleased with what he found.

The contractor did a number of things to the property including filling in the in ground pool and covering it with gravel, as well as a number of extensive indoor remodeling "all without applying for permits and paying the required fees to the town of New Castle," reports the New York Post.

The contractors said that it was the Clintons' fault for not having the permits seeing as the time constraint was completely unreasonable. William Maskiell says that the pair will now be facing "several thousand dollars, at least," in fees for not going through proper channels and abiding by the law.

The Clintons were given a letter dated October 17th explaining the many violations and more, according to The Post:

Attached to the letter was another document titled “Clinton Violation Inspection Report” in which Maskiell said the contractor told him the Clintons “were quite adamant about [the Thanksgiving deadline] and what had started as a paint job turned into this,” meaning the major renovation.

The report continued saying that "Maskiell told the foreman for the contractor, Carl Petty Associates of Washington, DC, that he would not issue a stop work order if the contractor sought the proper permits," yet as of Friday, "the general contractor still had not filed all of the required paperwork or paid the fees."

Makiell also explained that even though contractors generally take care of the permits it is the ultimate responsibility of the owners to have the permits taken care of properly.

That's not even the entirety of the issues that the Clintons are having to deal with regarding their properties.

The Clintons also have outstanding zoning and Building Department problems at their residence next door at 15 Old House Lane, which they bought for $1.7 million in 1999 to establish residency so Hillary could run for the Senate, Maskiell said.

They obtained variances in 2000 for a guard house on the property, for a higher fence and for “lot coverage,” or the amount of space buildings take up on the property.

The variances must be renewed every five years — but the Clintons never showed up before the Zoning Board of Appeals.

“Consequently, they are null and void. They should have come back in 2005, 2010 and 2015. So the variances have expired and they have to start from scratch” and reapply, said the inspector.

The original home and a combination library and gym in an outbuilding still have outstanding building permit issues as well, including a sprinkler “sign off” by the town engineer and an electrical inspection in the library/gym.

Now this pales in comparison to so many of the other awful crooked actions both Bill and Hillary have committed throughout their careers but it does show a bit of insight into who Hillary is, both on and off camera. It shows that she truly is rotten and corrupt all the way to the core and no matter what the law she feels that she is above it and above the rest of the American people.

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Source: Mad World News


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