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Germany has a serious Jihadi problem on their hands. Thanks to Angela Merkel and her fellow idiots in charge of the country and the EU as a whole.

The government of Germany has subjected itself to a maniacal violence, the likes of which has not been seen since they were the scourge of the world themselves. Unfortunately, their actions with respect to the Jihadis invading all of Europe make them the scourge of the world yet again. Sadly, some of the Jihadis are not refugees.

Some of them are German, or other EU country bred, born, and raised citizens. Home-grown terrorists.

In addition to Jihadis coming into Germany, there have been roughly 790 known to have headed to their blood soaked 7th century sands of the Middle East.

The country’s intelligence community says these demented souls are heading to Iraq and Syria and that their numbers continue to rise. “The security situation is serious,” says Agency Head Hans-Georg Maassen.

Ya’ think? Should these animals survive the bloodbath, they will most likely return to Germany, or somewhere else in the EU. According to the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence, of the 440 Belgium based Jihadis who deployed to the Caliphate battlefront, 130 of them have made their way back “home.” To Belgium that is.

Germany just endured a gang-rape festival for New Year’s Eve and Paris, France was the target of a terrorist attack. The camps where these “poor” and “displaced” ingrates are living have turned those areas of the host countries into proverbial landfills and sewers.

Jihadis are present in Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Austria, and the list goes on.

As this ebb and flow of Jihadis into and out of Germany and EU continues, it is likely to spread. The terrorists are becoming bolder. Trust that it won’t be too long before their eye is on the prize and they infiltrate to our shores.

It doesn’t help that our government, particularly Obama, is  much like Merkel in his approach to the situation.

Source: WZ


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