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Bulgaria recently made wearing the traditional Islamic veil, commonly known as the Burqa, illegal while in public places.

On the surface, this seems like a strike against militant Islam, and therefore a win for rational, clear-thinking individuals everywhere.

However, upon digging deeper it is apparent that this ban is a misguided political gesture meant to drum up support for politicians who are failing to keep their country safe.

Imagine this: you are at a hardware store standing in line behind someone who's secret purpose for frequenting the store that day is to buy all of the requisite materials for a DIY bomb. 

This includes nefarious items such as paint thinner, nails, electric tape, wire cutters, and other easily explainable materials under different circumstances.

Now ask yourself, and be honest, do you think you are more likely to notice the items that person is buying if they are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or a Burqa? I know my answer.

If domestic terrorist wishes to wear one of those unwieldy things while they coordinate the plans for their attack it will only serve to call attention to their actions, increasing the likelihood they are caught before they can strike.

Banning the Burqa will only further camouflage our enemy, making it harder for ordinary Americans to spot individuals with evil intentions.

If you ask me, I say more Burqas! A gang member is always easier to spot by his colors.



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