Did anybody out there anywhere, ever think that the retarded Black Lives Matter group, comprised of violent street thugs had the mental capacity to organize into a “General Body?”

After all, we are talking about the most moronic among us…thugs. Who knew they had the intellect to actually assemble into something harkening a real organization.

Needless to say the nation will soon have another CAIR-like terroristic group to contend with.

The BLM crowd is outraged, again. This time with respect to the Nashville, Tennessee public library for not allowing a cross-burning event on their grounds.

Oh, wait. Wrong hate group, but same idea…burn a cross, burn a flag, kill a cop, kill a white person, kill a black person…the BLM has it all going on. 

The library refused the group access to their facilities for a “Blacks Only” meeting of the morons.

“Due to white supremacy in our local government, this week’s BLM General Body Meeting location has changed,” was the organizations Facebook announcement. 

Wonder where that will be held? A back alley somewhere where they can exchange illegal guns and drugs?

The city of Nashville says they are not being racist. Duh. They are just following policy to ensure “open-door, open meeting” venues and activities, according to Mayor Megan Berry’s spokesman, Sean Braisted.

Good job Nashville. It is time the nation reclaim their communities from the violent idiots among us…those within the BLM movement, and those who support it, and keep in mind they are not just black people.

This is a multi-racial violent group. Eventually, they will destroy each other, but in the meantime we need some law and order.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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