As a reminder to all you NASCAR fans, particularly those of southern heritage, NASCAR does not want you or your Confederate flag at their events. Back in July, the organization had the unmitigated gall to ask people to hide their Confederate flags.

NASCAR had caved to the anti-American agenda sweeping the nation. So, NASCAR fans, remember that while the organization is happy to take your money they are also happy to tell you to what you should and should not be proud of.

While they did not ban the flag or demand that no one display it, they sickeningly made the request.

Fortunately, there were plenty of NASCAR fans who said, “I don’t think so.” They rallied with a color-guard display of the Confederate flag on personal vehicles, recreational vehicles, their clothing, all over the in-field, and some went so far as to sport a tattoo.

This story is important. It is a bellwether to Americans everywhere to stay vigilant to the many ways that subverts are trying to destroy your heritage be it a Confederate flag or a State seal.

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From the subtle act of not displaying an American flag lapel pin, to the removal of the southern banner from all public places and “encouragement” to not display your flag, our nation’s heritage is silently being attacked.

Bravo NASCAR fans for standing up by the thousands to tell the organization how things are gonna be, and it isn’t in keeping with their cowardly actions.

Source: Breitbart



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