Black Drug Dealing Thug Wielding a Gun Down!


The dead criminal was Che Taylor: felon, thug, dealer, extraordinaire. Basically, your all-around Average Joe Black Man, as the BLM movement would have you believe. Which, by the way, is a disgraceful insult to the black community. 

The NAACP is calling foul. Imagine that. They claim that the cops committed “cold-blooded murder,” according to NAACP King County Chapter President, and stalwart citizen, Gerald Hankerson.

“Stop looking at him like he’s a felon, start looking at him as a father. Stop looking at him as a gang member or drug dealer and start looking at him as a son or somebody’s brother”

Yes, everybody let’s!

“Taylor the ex-con, crack cocaine and black tar heroin dealing piece of crap, and baby daddy to some waste of a woman who had the great misfortune to pro-create with him was shot to death after he pulled a gun on cops.”

There you go Mr. Hankerson. The truth hurts, we know, and it while it is a foreign concept to thug-baiters such as yourself, it is what it is.

Dash camera footage and witnesses to the incident completely exonerate law enforcement. No matter, the money grubbing NAACP honcho doubled down and called it an “execution.”

Further, the media and the police are “discrediting and dehumanizing Taylor.”

Dead-thug’s real name is Marvin R. Hunter. He is a convicted rapist, he has committed robbery, and assault. This was not your average black man, with a happy wife, happy kids, a good job, and positive outlook on life.

This was a dead-beat drug-dealing ex-con who refused to change his ways and had no intentions of letting the cops walk away from the encounter. Somebody was gonna die. 

Praise God it was him because his departure just made Seattle-King County a whole lot safer.

Source: Mad World News


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