It seems that America has become a society governed exclusively by pigmentation and dependent on either how “black” or “white” an individual is, in relationship to voting, so says the NAACP and the US Department of Justice, who have filed a lawsuit in the hopes of overturning North Carolina’s new voting ID law passed by GOP lawmakers.

The lawsuit claims that voter ID requirement affects everyone from every race, unless they are white. The absurd and quite frankly dumb position came from the Rev. William Barber who was the first to take the stand. He testified that the new voting rules are not only discriminatory, but, were devised to suppress black and Latino voting.

The good Reverend stayed on the “absurd track” with a press release stating “this is our Selma”. However the absurdity didn’t stop there, “North Carolina was the first state to pass a restrictive voting law after the Supreme Court weakened the Voting Rights Act in 2013, and it is the worst voter suppression law the country has seen since 1965.

“Incredibly” and quite “astoundingly” the good Reverend didn’t miss one talking point in his opening presentation, touching on “Selma”, the “Voting Rights Act” and for good measure “Jim Crow. It was indeed a performance worthy of Broadway.

However what the good Reverend failed to mention is that the voter ID laws affect everyone equally because they are not limited to a certain class or race, yet for some reason democrats and the NAACP seem to think only white people have the ability to get an ID, or perhaps they’re suggesting that people of color simply don’t have the capacity, if that’s the case perhaps the good Reverend could be more specific.


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