Last week Sony Pictures computer servers were hacked in a complex cyber attack, the systems at Sony were shut down at various points and several sensitive documents were released, including salary information of executives and personal information. Along with this, passwords for the computers, vendors and bank accounts were also leaked. Some Sony Pictures movies were even released this week, prompting outcry from distributers and related business partners. This is currently being investigated by the FBI but there is one suspect that is been pointed out in this attack: North Korean State Government Hackers.

Specifically this refers to the Pyongyang government, as they have many of the resources to be able to hack the studio. They have even been known to use cyber warfare to hack and spy on entities in the past. In North Korea, hacking is a sought after position as it is one of the best compensated positions and is saved for those with the most talent. The elite military group in North Korea is Bureau 121, a group of 1,800 cyber warriors that are selected among the many who attend school for this occupation. There has also been a large group of people who were not selected who have turned their training into hacktivism or the practice of using hacking as a means of exposing information to further your cause.

According to North Korea, they simply do not have anything to do with this. Even though they have openly expressed anger over a new comedy film depicting North Korea in an unfavorable light. Not that that would be hard for any outsider to do. Hopefully in the coming days the FBI will have more information on this cyber attack to understand where it originated from as well as how deep it goes into other sensitive American data centers. The fear being, if they could hack Sony, they might already have breached secret US government documents.

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