Hillary Clinton cannot seem to go two weeks without something fishy popping up on her campaign trail. Now it would seem a strange man has been spotted standing by her side throughout her campaign. The plot thickens further when we see just what he has been seeing trying to hide from everyone in plain sight.

The mystery man is not secret service but he is often dressed in a similar manner in order to try to fly under the radar. After pics of what he has in his hand, ready to go at all times, have been revealed it becomes very clear that he is not there for Clinton's security. What he is there for would explain some of the strange behavior that Hillary has been exhibiting and only helps to prove that she is not able to lead our country.

Hillary has been seen tripping up the stairs and even acting as if she was having a seizure before. It has become very apparent that Hillary's health condition is not something minor that she can continue to keep trying to hide anymore.

During a recent campaign stop where she spoke to a sparsely populated crowd at Union Hall Hillary stopped mid-speech and was quickly surrounded by a group of men that everyone thought was secret service. The men surrounded her and rubbed her back telling her to "keep speaking." Pretty strange behavior for secret service members.

Thats because they are not secret service.

Danger and Play reports that Hillary is in fact on the campaign trail accompanied by her own doctor, and it's not by choice. The doctor was able to stroke Hillary back to stability but if this didn't work he was prepared with something else that he has on hand at all times.

The doctor was recently seen carrying a Diazepam pen designed to be carried by someone suffering from Acute Repetitive Seizures. It is only given to those who continually have recurrent seizures.

Check out the video below where she has one of her fits and tries to say that it was due to a "brain freeze."

Now pictures of this pen have been release along with multiple reports of her seizure fits in public. This would completely impede her ability to effectively lead our country. She can only to cover up so much but it's a little harder to delete a health condition than it is an email.

Source: Mad World News

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