The U.S. Navy base in Norfolk, Virginia should be among the most secure military installations in the world.

As the world’s largest naval station, it is home to the largest concentration of U.S. naval forces and air operations along 11 miles of pier and as home port of four carrier groups and the Atlantic fleet subs.

In fact, it is also home to the newly commissioned U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford, the latest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

But Navy officials have disclosed a breach of security that has resulted in beefed up measures to protect the base pending an investigation.

A scuba diver was spotted near the piers by sailors on watch according to Kelly Wirfel, the Navy spokeswoman authorized to discuss the incident, adding that the piers and the surrounding area have been secured at this time.

Wirfel said the breach took place around the security gate that is submerged in the water around the base and piers.

Access to and from the piers has been restricted until the investigation is complete.

With Congress obsessed over what might have been said at meetings Donald Trump Jr. may or may not have had with ‘Russians,’ you would think it might be more concerned about security at around the nation’s most valuable naval resources.

Please comment below if you feel Congress should be more concerned with the mystery surrounding a breach of security around the nation's most important naval base than with the fake collusion stories designed to bring down the Trump presidency.

Source: Fox News

UPDATE: Navy: Base back to normal after unfounded sighting of diver. (Click to read more)

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