Watching this incredible 11-minute French video, which is in part subtitled and describes the civil unrest taking place in France of Muslim hordes attacking innocent French citizens, and spewing hateful anti-French and anti-Jewish slurs.

The video illustrates the dilemma of many young French Jews actually in the process of leaving France for Israel because they fear for their well-being, the video also chronicles the difficulty the authorities are having in maintaining law and order, and the willful violence gripping many cities in France, at the hands of marauding Muslim thugs that are slowly destroying the culture and good well of the French people, who opened their arms in welcoming these refugees.

The video also illustrates French politicians attempting to explain the growing crises and both human and financial capital, and the toll on housing thousands of Muslim refugees.

While this video is primarily addressing the chaos taking place in France, which has seen its share of carnage at the hands of Islamic terrorists, other European capitals are finding themselves in similar situations.

In Germany reports of mass sexual assaults of German citizens by over 1,000 Muslim refugees on New Year’s Eve, sparked outrage among law-abiding Germans, and the rumor of a cover-up by the German Government, brought out “vigilante justice” by German motorcycle gangs, creating an additional crisis, and a distrust by German citizens of their government.


Let us know what you think of this video. Do you agree with what this report says about Muslim migrants trying to integrate into Western countries?

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This problem is being brought directly into out country unchecked by the Obama Administration and it is sure to bring a huge increase in violent crime to the United States.

Source: Live Leak



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