Wasn’t he just a sweet thug? Take a look at that picture of the furrowed brow all up in the grill of anybody who dares to look his way. Pure cuddly innocence.  

Toked up violent thug is more like it. Michael Brown was shot and killed as Ferguson Police Department, Officer Darren Wilson said.

There was a physical, body-contact wrestling match for control the officer’s gun, during Brown’s murderous beat-down of Officer Wilson. Brown was shot in the thumb and eventually in the chest in a “hands-down-take-a-shot-cuz-I’ma-gonna-kill-you” full-on assault.

The autopsy report supports everything Officer Wilson testified to. As far as our left-wing media is concerned that doesn’t matter. What matters is a black man was shot. Never mind the assault.

Apparently, Officer Wilson’s job was to lay down on the “thin-blue-line” and take one for the liberal team, and accept murder as repentance for…being white…and a cop to boot.

This complete obfuscation and lack of reporting of the facts goes over their heads. Not only that, but facts as we all know, don’t matter when they don’t fit the liberal agenda. This problem goes all the way to the top.

President Obama’s Department of Justice cares about as much about facts as the BLM, F*** Yo’ Flag, crowd and their stoolies, the mainstream media. Ferguson is going to suffer the wrath of the DOJ. Surprise, surprise, surprise.


Welcome to being white. Welcome to being a cop. You are an endangered species and the target of the most uncivilized among us—they being thugs, at all levels of society, gutter to White House.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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