President Obama’s friends, the Iranians, have done the unthinkable. They have gone into a region and have taken every last man, and male child they deem adult, so think 7-years old, and hanged them.

This is supposedly in punishment for drug trafficking. It wouldn’t have anything to do with wanting a gargantuan harem of women, little girls, and boy still deemed boys, to rape to high heaven, would it? 

Oh no, of course not. That is against all the mandates of the peaceful Kumbayallah faith. Not. This is par for their bloodthirsty sexually deviant course.

Shahidokht Molaverdi, VP of Iran’s Women and Family Affairs said this;

“The children of the executed criminals are also already drug traffickers. They want to avenge the deaths of their fathers. At the same time they are feeding their families with money from the drugs trade and the people of this village cannot be protected.”

How noble of her. Her argument is flawed. She is assuming that the executioners are telling the truth—that the ENTIRE male population are drug dealers. What a bunch of lunacy.

This has nothing to do with drug trafficking. This has to do with a fanatical freak-show of a regime that enjoys killing people and raping what is left. Nothing more, nothing less. They control through fear and violence.

You know, there is nothing so deadly as a woman scorned, or a mother lion. So, technically, Ms. Molaverdi ought to heralding a call to arms, or rocks, for the women of these villages to take back their town. Then, in the next town, meet the murders at the town borders and kill them. End of problem.

Unfortunately, these women have been brainwashed for centuries, thanks to Mohammed having instilled this slaying of all men in a village centuries ago. Even then, their “prophet” took women and girls as sexual play things. Could it be that was his goal all along?

So, welcome to Obama’s newfound friendship with Iran. He may as well be over there slapping noose around the neck of everyman, and passing out women and children to the rapist barbarians. It is obvious he condones this.

Source: Mad World News


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