When will the people who practice Islam get with the program and recognize that their bushels full of bad apples are ruining it for the few “good apples” among them? People, around the world, are getting sick and tired of their murderous shenanigans and endorsement thereof, either vocally, or by their overwhelming silence.

They speak louder with their mouths shut than they do crowing allah-akbar and making turkey calls. Then there is their pattern of aggressive taking over and converting of all things non-Muslim, be they people, school books or buildings, to that of the Islam faith.

Stop already!

That was the message that was recently relayed from the community of Belfast, Ireland. A group of Muslims, rather than buy their own piece of land to build a mosque on, preferred to stick a pin in the eye of the local community and consider the purchase of the shuttered St. Luke’s Church.

The church, a Gothic looking small cathedral, had been out of service since 2006. The attention paid by local Muslims tipped off the community as to potential intentions to convert the church into a mosque.

The residents did what any neighborly folk would do and welcomed them to the community by leaving a little pre-housewarming gift on the steps of the church.

Two pig heads. Naturally this set off a sand-storm of anger among the Muslims of the Belfast Islamic Centre;

“…the racist attack is disgusting no matter what side of the community you come from and there is no place for it in a civilized community.”

Coming from a group of people who behead, crucify, burn, gouge out the eyes of children or lop off the their fingers in front of their parents, chop up and feed children to their parents, gang-rape children, and of course all the hellishly brutal things they do to adults, non-Muslim AND Muslim alike, they have an unimaginable amount of nerve to preach about “civilized society.” As an aside, Islam is not a race of people.

While the church wardens have said that there have been no offers and it appears the Muslims can’t confirm they were actually considering the purchase, the rest of us can hope that the reverse intimidation tactic worked.

Source: The Journal


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