It was just Monday when the US Herald reported about Jan Morgan and her clash with potential Islamic extremists in Arkansas. Morgan was the gun store owner who had an encounter with Muslims in her area that she seemed to feel threatened by, so she banned Muslims from her gun range. She won and they lost, as her business is flourishing, despite her ban on Muslims. It would appear that some Texas Muslims are trying to overtly bully a farmer in Katy, Texas.

Kamel Fotouh, the president of the Katy Islamic association, chose to purchase land next to Craig Baker's family farm. His goal? To build a mosque and community center for his fellow Texas Muslims. This would seem odd, but still generally all well and good. Then, Fotouh told Baker he ought to stop raising pigs. Or leave.

Suffice it to say, there is an old Texas saying, “Don't Mess With Texas”. Perhaps, they are unfamiliar with that phrase, and obviously Mr. Baker had other ideas. According to the Conservative Tribune, the Texas farmer chose to turn to his faithful pigs for a response.

Friday, at about 5:00 pm, was normally time reserved for the holiest of Muslim pray sessions of the week. However, it was this past Friday, that the typical quiet prayer session was interrupted by a pig race. Baker unleashed his pigs to run around homemade tracks he had constructed on his property. Before we go any further, is it pretty much a sin for Muslims to eat pork, or have anything to do with Mr. Baker's swine.

During the pig race, he chose a most American activity to happen alongside the race, a barbecue. The menu consisted of things such as sausage and bacon, with all the smoky goodness blowing off into the night.

Of course, Fotough made noise at a town hall meeting. Unfortunately, we might never know what possessed Kamel Fotouh to buy land next to a pig farm. In all honesty, what would possess you buy a property next to a pig farm as a Muslim? What exactly would you expect? Why would you want to live by a pig farm anyways?

The answer is either, you are not a very good follower of your religion, or you honestly thought you were going to bully your neighbor into changing his life to suit yours.

What are your thoughts? Was it okay for Fotough to tell Baker to change his lifestyle because they moved their Mosque and community there, or should they have located elsewhere? Should the two men comprise, or was there Baker in the right to stand up for himself?

Leave your thoughts below.



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