Although Muslims are nowhere near the majority of this country, making up roughly 1 percent of the American population. However rather than conforming to the laws and customs of the country that they live in they insist that everyone change for them and respect their laws and customs even when they don't seem to want to pay us the same respect.

The latest attempt by Muslims to enact Sharia Law on the rest of us comes from Jersey City, New Jersey. A group of Muslims are demanding that the school district shut down all schools in order to celebrate the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha on September 24th.

Now many Americans, especially the school boards would be too afraid to be chastised for not being politically correct enough to not give into these demands. However, Jersey City Schools Superintendent Marcia Lyles and the rest of the school board felt that this would be too disruptive seeing as they were only given a six-day notice.

For them to shut down the schools, that would mean that the rest of the non-Muslim families would have to scramble in order to make accommodations for their kids when they should be in school.

The petitioners weren't going to give up easy. They made one disturbing argument as to where the school board needed to meet their demands.

"We’re no longer the minority. That’s clear from tonight," said one burqa-wearing Muslim parent with a sinister smile. "We’re gonna be the majority soon."

If the school board were to bow their heads, which seems to be the current trend these days, they would have had to extend the NJ school year by an extra day, reports

Furthermore many Jewish families were outraged by the demands as their students were not given any special treatment. The school was not shut down for major Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Of course, many disgruntled Muslim families didn't listen to the multitude of reasons why their request would be denied. They made sure to make their Muslim anger hear loud and clear.

"We feel alienated from the Board of Education, we feel alienated from this system," Omar Abouelkhair, one of the Muslim parents said.

The chief of staff for the Lyon’s school district expressed the difficulty that she had in making the decision to not comply with the hasty demands.

"It was a very difficult and gut-wrenching decision, I think, for all of our board members," said the district’s chief of staff, Maryann Dickar.

No doubt they haven't heard the last of these angry Muslim families. It is only a matter of time before liberal news sites and the mainstream media get a hold of this story and try to spin it like they do all stories. They will probably call the NJ school board and it's chief of staff anti-Muslim and outrage will ensue across the country for more Americans being 'oppressive' to this 'religion of peace.'

It is important to recognize the school board's decision to stay strong, especially with such heated backlash from the left in this country. It showed entitled Muslims everywhere that they can't just have everything that want just because they demand it and use their "religion of peace" as an argument. This is still America despite the Muslims' best efforts to spread Islam everywhere and force everyone to live under Sharia law, this is still our country.

Please share this story on Facebook and show that this is still America and, at least for now, we don't have to just give into any group that makes wild demands.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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