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The gall of Muslims, and the weakness of liberals, is utterly amazing. This is evident, yet again, in Irving, Texas, former home of clock boy.

Mayor Beth Van Duyne, who has a set of cajones to rival any man who has a spine (plenty don’t anymore), banned the nation’s first Sharia Court.

What in the h*** was a Sharia Court doing in the country anyway? If Muslims want that, they can pack up their goats and go over to the sand trap where that exists.

Sadly, the banning of the court was a narrow 5-4 vote. As such, Irving has a serious libtard problem on their hands, because this should have been unanimous. Hence, the weakness of liberals as stated above. They are an embarrassment to their community.

Muslims are outraged. Surprise! All their kangaroo court lawyers are unlicensed. As such their little tribunal of disgust is illegal. Neither of those facets should matter other than they should all be in jail for practicing law without a license.

Sharia law dictates that if American Law, or any other “law” disagrees with Islamic Law, they will follow the Sharia.  As such, these people are not Americans, whether they were born here or not. They qualify under the context of enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

Thank you Mayor Van Duyne for doing your job and protecting America from such enemies. The rest of our leaders need to follow suit. Or they can pack up a goat too!


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