Shariah law is strict and exacting when it comes to other religions besides Islam. Adherents must renounce their beliefs, pay a tax, and submit to other humiliations if they wish to continue to express their faith.

For Pastor Kisa Emmanuel Amos, a pastor of a small Christian congregation in Uganda, submitting to humiliation in the name of his religion also included being beaten by a cadre of Muslim police officers.

Pastor Kisa Emmanuel Amos

Amos, who regularly teaches Muslims about Christianity and his beliefs, was attacked by Muslim police officers one day as he stood preaching at the pulpit of his church. The officers beat him and sprayed his face with tear gas before they fought off the efforts of Amos's congregation to protect their pastor.

Amos was thrown, unconscious, into the bed of a truck and taken to prison. While incarcerated, he was routinely beaten and even given water to drink that had been poisoned.

However, Amos's faith kept him alive and persevering through his hardships and he even began to talk to his captors about Christianity and his beliefs.

The orphanage houses over 45 children

The guards' curiosity increased and he eventually convinced some of them to believe in Christianity.

The orphanage has been victimized by angry Muslims including the rape of two children

Now released, Amos is on a long road to recovering from his injuries. Yet his faith which kept him alive and focused in prison continues to buoy him up and keep him moving forward.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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