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Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie is standing up against Shariah Law along with the highly detailed death threats against her life. One of those threats calls for her decapitation.  Not intimidated in the least, Sen. Lambie has gone so far as to tell it straight to the people. If the Muslim radicals don't care for the Australian Constitution, then they can go home!

Some of her opponents have claimed the letter was fake, as there is local controversy over the construction of a new Mosque in Adelaide. She feels there are good reasons why it shouldn't be built, and such a stance from a strong-willed woman is the bane of Muslim radicals.

The letter the Australian Senator has received details how grisly her death is going to be, and that it comes directly from the Adelaide Islamic State Mujahideen. She replied in public, stating that she will never bow to Shariah Law.

Considering the recent violence in Sydney, Senator Lambie is facing a real threat against her life. If anything, radical Muslims are somewhat predictable. If they make demands and don't see them being met, they threaten and follow through with violence.

Senator Lambie is also an outspoken proponent on giving the death penalty to convicted terrorists. While she said the letter itself was disgusting, she was not backing down, nor does she plan to abandon any campaign against Islamic Terrorism.

Tasmania is well served by Senator Jacqui Lambie, who is able to label the criminals for who they truly are. The Australian Police are taking those death threats very seriously, as well they should. When an arm of ISIS shows itself, the authorities must be ready to block any intimidating reach. Instead of adapting to local customs and the law of the land, radical Muslims feel the land must adapt to their own way of life instead.

I'm with Sen. Lambie on this one. If they don't care for Australia or the laws of that land, then they can go home. As we know here in America, that is merely wishful thinking. We can hope that her safety remains a priority with the Australian Authorities, who diligently work to serve what's left of their own culture.

Any woman threatened with decapitation by radical Muslims live every day with a real danger over their daily activities, and doing her job regardless of those detailed threats displays a level of bravery that hasn't been seen in American politicians for a long time. Whatever it is that Sen. Lambie is eating and drinking in Australia, we need a few thousand cases sent to Washington DC.

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