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We’ve come to witness almost daily, whether on the national news hordes of Muslim refugees in Europe demanding from their benevolent hosts all sorts of accommodations, or within our own communities Muslims demanding additional special privileges at the expense of others.

One such incident (among many), took place at the Mirfield Free Grammar School, a secondary school in West Yorkshire, as a group of Muslims disrupted classes by demanding special Islamic prayer time in a Christian academy.

Instead of denying them their extremely inconvenient religious requirements and causing an unnecessary uproar, the Christian school told them that they are welcome to pray as many times as they need…”outside.”

The Daily Mail reports that dozens of students devoutly prayed outside the school in rain and cold weather to adhere to one of Islam’s many impractical demands.

Students prayed on their black top playground or the grass surrounding the property…everywhere.

“One way or another, we will sort this matter out. In all other schools and major venues hospitals, shopping centers, the facility is there for people of all faiths to use,” said Akooji Badat, chair of the Masjid and Madressa Noor-Ul-Islam in Batley.

“The school has acted disgracefully. I am hearing from parents that children have been soaked to the skin and cannot concentrate in lessons.”

However the school has already given more than enough, allowing students up to an hour out of school a day to pray at the obliging House of Resurrection monastery up the road. Still, they want more.

Source: Bare Naked Islam


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