It is stories like this that make your soul weep. Gone is the anger and hatred for what radical Islam stands for.

In its place, we are left with soul crushing sadness, and the realization that many among us do not have the strength of a 5-year old boy.

News of the slaughter of Christians at the hands of radical Islamic Jihadists of the Al-Qaeda group, on the Ivory Coast of West Africa, has been front and center.

What is under reported is the towering strength in the face of fear and certain death that one un-named 5-year old boy displayed for the entire world.

He and another child were forced to their knees on a beach. The price to spare their own lives was to recite an Islamic prayer. For a Christian, this is the equivalent of denying God, our Savior Jesus Christ, and committing idolatry.

Do you have children? Are any of them 5-years old? Would they have the wherewithal at the age of a kindergartener to understand the soul-damning ramifications of hardening their hearts to Jesus and instead praying to Allah as a price for their earthly life?

Would they understand the eternal separation from God that the Christian faith mandates is the price of one’s soul for denying the Father and the Son?

One of the boys prayed to Allah and lived.

The other boy, the 5-year old child, staring out over the immense awesome power of God in the form of the ocean, instead lifted his voice to Heaven and prayed for Jesus Christ’s mercy and the sparing of his life.

“And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters,” (Genesis 1:2).

The child was executed by the Jihadists.

His earthly life came to an end.

God spared his eternal life and took him home.

Islam must be stopped. We must have the faith of this 5-year old child to believe that we can stop it. Evil will only have dominion for as long as good allows it.

So, how much longer are we going to allow the Caliphate to continue to grow and our children be made martyrs?

Source: Mad World News


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