A Muslim couple has accused Delta Airlines of Islamophobia after their behavior forced a flight attendant to take action after they decided to parade their religious entitlement on a flight to the United States.

According to reports, the two had boarded the plane when they started chanting "Allah" repeatedly. When a flight attendant noticed what they were doing he sprang into action and stopped them dead in their tracks.

The couple has since taken issue with Delta, claiming that they had been 'racially profiled,' which is tough to do considering Islam is not a race but rather a religion.

Unfortunately for couple, not only did Delta not take issue with the flight attendant's brilliant response, the airline actually supported his actions by issuing a statement showing it stand behind the flight attendant's action.

The couple in question, Faisal and Nazia Ali, claim to be victims of religious discrimination after they had to be removed for "suspicious activity" on an airplane. Most people would probably find being the only two people on the plane that were hiding their phones as the steward passes, sweating, and repeating the word "Allah" on an international flight to the united states from Paris a little suspicious.

That's exactly the type of behavior that this couple was exhibiting when the flight attendant had to take action and do so quickly, reports The Independent.

After the flight attendant noticed this odd behavior he chose to act, taking the safety of the passengers and the crew above any sort of reprimand he might receive for being a 'racist' or a bigot.

He told them to get up grab their things and get off of the plane. That's when one of the Delta employees said that the pilot had made the final call because their behavior had made the rest of the passengers feel uncomfortable.

The couple then went through an interrogation process before they were determined to not be a threat and sent home on the next flight and then offered a full refund. Of course this wasn't enough for this entitled couple. The couple took this so-called 'offense' and contacted the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which by the way has ties to terror organizations.

Once CAIR filed an official complaint, Delta issued the following statement:

Delta condemns discrimination toward our customers in regards to age, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender. As a global airline that brings hundreds of thousands of people together every day, Delta is deeply committed to treating all of our customers with respect. Delta continues its investigation into this matter and will issue a full refund of these customers’ airfare

CAIR claims Delta Airlines has repeatedly profiled Muslim passengers, which in light of worldwide terror attacks – and this flight originating in France, which has had numerous issues with terror attacks, that might not be such a bad thing.

France has taken extra measures to prevent further Islamic terrorist attacks and part of that has been extra precautions with its Muslim citizens. But surely that's also profiling. It would seem that if there is one common denominator in all of these attacks then maybe we should be using this trait to start looking for potential aggressors.

Delta isn't the only airline that has had to take a Muslim off of the plane. American Airlines recently had a similar situation take place and when contacted by CAIR, AA issued a statement supporting their employee's decision similar to the one released by Delta.

Every time a Muslim feels offended, it is too easy to claim 'Islamophobia' and the Left will come riding in on its high horse and fix everything. It's only gotten to this point because so many liberals are pampering these entitled brats and letting them feel like they should be able to do whatever they want in our country and we should just have to accept it. Well, news flash, this is America, either do things our way or get out.

Source: Mad World News

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