It seems that the Muslim refugee crisis has completely permeated all of Europe now.

If Europeans aren't dealing with assaults, rapes, looting, murder, and any number of other crimes being committed by these 'helpless refugees' then it's verbal abuse.

In what appears to be a German town this one reporter was in the middle of a an on-air broadcast when she was rudely interrupted by a group of Muslims. They seemed to take issue with her appearance.

Apparently they were not O.K. with her being as attractive as she was.

They proceeded to harass her and verbally abuse the reporter. They called her derogatory names and sexually harassed her.

What they didn't say is "thank you" or "we appreciate you taking in so many refugees."

No, instead handfuls of these savage men chose to yell and berate her on live television. Disgusting.

If these are the type of people being let into our country then we should have no part of it.

Source: Mad World News

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