It better never fly here. For those in areas that do recognize fatwas for what they are, the rule of law under Islam, take note.

A man is allowed to lust after, kiss, and caress with desire, his own daughter, without impugning his marital status.

As long as the daughter is at least 9 years old.

Geez! What kind of pervert goes after an 8-year, 11-month, and 31-day old little girl?

Seriously. Forget the whole saving his marriage part. That’s just par for the course when it comes to the perpetual state of little-blue-pill freak-show sexual depravity these people exist in.

Naturally, the faith is backtracking and claiming the fatwa was taken out of context. That it was presented as an answer to a question…about that very thing! Can a dad molest his daughter?!?!

What is it going to take for the world to wake up and realize what we are dealing with?

The radical aspects of the Islam faith, and even some of the existing fatwas are not in keeping with the principles of a modern-man/homo-sapien.

Period. This garbage is the stuff of throwback dead-end branches on the tree of life.


Source: Mad World News


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