From 1776 to 1939, the ability to procure food for the needy in the United States was the responsibility of local communities and their respective charities. 1939 is the year when an experimental Food Stamp Program started, and it lasted until 1943. This is when it all began. If our past leadership knew what it would come to in the distant future, history may have been a touch different.

Today, the Liberal mindset that the government should provide, not the individuals or their respective communities, is further saturated with demands from Muslims in Hennepin County, Minnesota. They want the Food Stamp program, at the additional cost of more than $150,000 to pay for halal based meals, a required type of food that conforms to their Islamic beliefs.

Coming to America poor isn't the problem. There have been many legal immigrants who arrive in America with little or no funds, just to grab the reigns of their future with a pair of hard working hands. To use their freedom to prosper, provide for themselves, to be dependent only on themselves through hard work.

This isn't the case with the Isuroon Project, an Islamic advocacy group for representing Muslim women. They are demanding that the Food Stamp program should fork out the extra money to cover the more expensive cultural based foods. It's not enough that the American taxpayers already offer up free healthcare services, or that their children get an education in government funded public schools. It doesn't matter to these Muslim women that the Food Stamp program was only supposed to be a temporary safety net to fend off hunger. Food Stamps were never intended to provide for religious content.

So far, the Hennepin County Commissioner's office in Minnesota hasn't taken any action on this issue, turning a blind eye to any requests from the Isuroon Project for a policy review. Any claims over religious freedom doesn't hold any weight here. Those Muslim women are free to practice their religion however they see fit. What they are not free to do is hold American taxpayers responsible for their religious beliefs.

America is a true land of opportunity, but it takes dedication and a commitment to hard work to bring the things we want into our lives. Even the prosperity we enjoy by practicing our faith, regardless of its origins, all comes from the efforts we provide in making a living. What is the Isuroon Project thinking when making demands that food stamps should pay for their cultural based foods? Isn't free housing, subsidized transportation, education and a free healthcare truly enough?

Let's hope that Hennepin County, Minnesota stays the course and doesn't lift a single finger to write out a legislative bill. We should never capitulate to any religion that demands compliance. What do Christians do when they can't afford a grocery bill? They turn to other Christians. Let's all hope that these Muslim women in the Isuroon Project can learn by example and turn to their fellow Muslims for the extra money. Leave our American taxpayers out of it, they're already on the hook for far too much as it is.


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