The results are in!

Hamtramck, Michigan has fallen to Sharia Law. That’s right folks.

America’s first city to come under the Caliphate is an example of what we will all face if we don’t stop trying to not offend the folks who endorse lying, beating women, harems, child rape, honor killing, and the list can go on and on and on when it comes to the primordial and violent nature that we are coming to realize every day, is the hallmark of Islam.

The small city of 22,000 people, one-time of a mostly Polish ethnic background, overwhelmingly voted in an Islamist City Council.

According to a local community leader, and it is unclear if he means the America-loving community, or the Islam/Sharia Law/Caliphate/Taqiyya-loving community, had this to say;

“Hamtramck has made history” (Bill Meyer).

Oh, yes it has-disturbingly. He goes on;

“The election was far from close, with the three Muslim winners each gainig over 1,000 votes, while the other three candidates garnered less than 700 votes each.”

Of course, the council will work for all of the people, regardless of cultural and religious affiliation.

Sure….that coming from a leader in a city that has bent over backwards to accommodate Muslims so much so that the Polish community has dwindled with the exodus of its members over the years.

Way to go Hamtramck! Hope you enjoy reaping what you have sown.


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