“But I want it now!”

That would be everybody’s “darling,” Veruca Salt. Anybody remember her?

She was that little greedy brat who made demands in the candy factory, did not ask nicely, and ended up a “bad egg” in the 1971 Willy Wonka movie, and a “bad nut” in the 2005 re-make. In each case, things did not end well for Veruca.

Did you know she is a real person? She is. She just happens to be a…wait for it….Muslim! Yep. Saima “Kit-Kat” Ahmad. Apparently, the Kit-Kat is her go to snack of choice.

Judging by her girth, she has never heard of an apple. But hey, we all like candy right? Some of us just really, really like it, a whole lot more than others, but whatever.

Saima, poor baby, had a bad experience with the Kit-Kat. One of the eight full-size bars she was feasting on was a supposed factory slip-up—missing the deliciousness that is the crispy-wafer within. The chocolate was just too much for her to handle.

Instead of moving on to another snack she has decided to wallow in her grief and sue the makers of the delectable treat—Nestle.

Nestle’s response? The proverbial, “talk to the hand.” She can’t get anywhere with them. That is not stopping her, however, and being Muslim, who we all know are high and might holier than thou folks in large part, she is perturbed. Like Veruca.

“They should definitely give in to me,” said Saima. “I’m hoping my demand will go higher than the customer service platform.”

In comes the open palm, in her face, courtesy of Nestle. Good for them. It is about high time companies stop allowing themselves to be abused by the Veruca Salts of the world, be they Muslim or otherwise.

We are living in an entitlement society, on a global scale. A world of bad eggs and bad nuts and it needs to end.

Now, let’s go eat some Kit-Kats!

Source: Mad World News



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