There are those few times (thankfully), when no matter how eloquently you turn a phrase the subject matter simply “stinks”, and if you happen to be a vet this is one of those times.

This story and the audio of a British soldier describing what took place as he got off a train while extremely disturbing happens more times than actually reported by those in uniform.

This incident merely highlights the danger returning vets face, not only from those within a foreign country but also at home.

This assault however was unique in that this British soldier was actually assaulted and chased down the road by people pelting him with flour, eggs and excrement, he had been told by higher-ups, he shouldn't wear his uniform for fear of offending Muslim civilians back in the UK.

Hear the audio of this soldier describe being disrespected HERE:
Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 4.34.24 PM

However as unique as this story is of being chased, this is a common tale of soldiers being abused.

A British hospital has apologized after twice moving a Royal Air Force sergeant out of the sight of other patients over the staff’s concern that his military uniform would offend other patients, British media reported this weekend.

The soldier in question aircraft engineer Sgt. Mark Prendeville, 38, said; “why should I move,’ and they said ‘because your uniform might upset people, we have all kinds of different cultures coming in and you might upset them,’” Jim Prendeville told the British paper.

Sgt. Mark Prendeville

Source: WZ



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