I didn’t mean to rape the little boys. Or rather, I didn’t mean to get caught.  Oh, that’s okay Mr. Muslim, you folks tend to do that, so we will forgive you. In fact, we will hush our sons so as not to cause you embarrassment.

Yep. That is how a Muslim member of an Indonesian community’s mosque was treated after it was learned that he had been happily raping little boys. 

“At first he denied that he molested kinds in the mosque,” said a local to the Kompas news source. “Then the mosque committee investigated the incident. When they went to him again, he finally admitted to it. He said he made a mistake.”

Rather than drag him out into the streets of their Indonesian village, beat him up until he was bleeding really good, and leave him there for some hungry dogs, they opted to really lay down the law. He was told he could avoid justice by signing an agreement. The agreement was he would move out of his apartment building, and never ever touch a little kid in THEIR neighborhood again.

Who cares about anybody else’s kid, right? Oh, and the relocation out of the apartment complex, was just for a month.

Those poor boys. They were just prostituted by their parents and their own faith. Nobody loves those children. They will grow up to believe that this is normal, and God forbid, commit such atrocities themselves.

This is Islam, folks. Like it not, radical or not, this is a tenet of their faith. We can accept that the normal followers of Allah do not practice such evil. However, their silence on the matter makes them pedophiles by default. Their silence, just like the villagers who gave the child rapist a one month eviction, speaks volumes.

Their silence and unwillingness to fix that part of the culture and faith tells the rest of us they have no care for humanity, let alone their own kids.

"There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them [as beautiful as] scattered pearls."

-Quran 76:19-

Not too many ways to interpret that, now is there?

Source: Mad World News

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