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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was the genius work of beloved Colonel Harland Sanders. Everyone, world-wide, loves the man’s secret recipe, and KFCs are welcomed and desired nearly everywhere. Even in Iran, up until recently.

No sooner did a KFC open in the tyrannical country than it was closed. Before getting into the reason for the closure, what happened to not doing business with terrorist regimes? Why in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks was KFC doing business with people who want to kill us? That is a discussion for another day, but there are some worthwhile questions along those lines that KFC ought to be being asked and better have some good responses to.

The KFC was shut down because their decorating colors, the famous red and white bucket, was coupled with blue, in homage to the company's home country.

You know the place; the United States, and target of Iran’s hatred…"Death to America," arm-us-with-nukes-or -else, and all that jazz. Yep-KFC was too American.  The American influence, even in the form of a drumstick in a paper bucket is a little too much for the terrorist culture.

Frankly who cares? The Colonel is likely spinning out of control in his grave with fury at what his company has done. Their franchise owners shuttered chain locations in the United States and put Americans out of work, and the company went overseas to launch operations in Iran?! Seriously???!!!

It is not like nobody knows what kind of place Iran is. They hate us. Doing business with them is a bad idea and KFC should be ashamed of themselves.

Source: American News


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