This is utterly infuriating. Denmark citizens should thank their government for bring the scourge of radical Islam upon them.

A once great nation whose resistance movement took a stand against the Nazi’s, has become complicit with the assaults on their own people by the scum radical Islamists their government has welcomed into their nation only to rain terror down upon the entire populace.


A young Dane couple headed home on Christmas was set upon by a pack of wild dogs, Somali Islamic males, who attacked them with bottles, chains and locks. Apologies to wild dogs, because they tend to not torture their prey.

The young man, Mads Schøllhammer was beaten first, and his girlfriend,  Nanna Skovmand next.


With chain in hand, they were beaten about the head and face. Photos of Ms. Skovmand show the unmitigated fury with which these Hell-spawn levied against her. She was the recipient of a lashed open skull and face and busted out teeth.

The pigs were arrested and brought before a court, where they yucked it up and congratulated each other on their assault, giving each other Western High-Fives and laughing while charges were read.


Where were all the peaceful Muslims to intercede? Where were all their Danish neighbors to step in and stop this terror attack? The world is becoming neutered with fear of retribution and of being accused of Islamophobia. Instead, we should be making these freaks phobic of us-the world.

They need to be put back in their place and it certainly is not lording their presence over everyone else, because right now, their behavior is so far beneath our feet it is almost unbelievable.

Then again not really when you consider they have the social order of something less than Chimpanzees.

Source: Mad World News


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