A man wrapped the door handles of the Mosjid Tawheed mosque, in Las Vegas, with raw bacon. He is being hunted down by the FBI to face accusation of a hate crime.

Oh dear. Bacon on a door handle. The hate of that man.

Meanwhile, over in Hamtranck, MI, the new Islamic State, err, Muslim City Council are beginning to enact hateful Sharia Law on the town.

Then there were the San Bernardino terrorists. There is Major Nidal Hassan who sits getting three-hots-a-cot for killing people on Fort Hood.

How about that Texas Muslim boy who terrorized his school with a fake countdown bomb, aka a homemade “clock.” 

Don’t forget the duo of the Tsarnaev brothers at the Boston Marathon. Or the Oklahoma factory worker who beheaded a woman for resisting his conversion tactics.

So, yeah, bacon is tragic. It is hate. It is horror. The other  "white” meat. Apologies for the hate filled racist description of the awesomeness that is bacon.

Let’s see what other hate crimes are there? The Gideon Bibles in hotel rooms, perhaps? The request to help your local food bank with a donation tucked into your grocery sack by those hate monger lane checkers? Oh wait! The loser terrorist jock who put gum on your high school locker combination lock.

This is ridiculous. Our Department of Justice, and all of its sub-groups, needs to get a grip and start doing this thing called their jobs. It isn’t charging a guy who put bacon on the door handle of a mosque with a hate crime.



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