If you are a truck driver overseas and are tired of being rig-jacked by a bunch of Islamic hyenas there is one sure-fire way to guarantee yourself, and your cargo, safe passage.


If you are not opposed to getting your hands dirty, then wrapping the various points of entry to your rig with raw pork, be it the cab doors, engine hood, rear cargo doors, or whatever other loose access/egress points you can think of, will keep the pigs themselves at bay.

Such was the case with this truck driver, trying to make his way into the United Kingdom.

Well aware of the fact that should he pick up some unwanted hitchhikers, even unknowingly as stowaways, he very well could be the one facing prosecution, he took matters into his own hands and slung up pork all over his truck.

His very own version of the Wienermobile.  It was a success.

This is not a novel approach, as other truck drivers are flowing suit.

In fact, the country Holland has taken note of this method and has taken to placing pork along its border to keep the animalistic hordes of violent and angry pity-the-poor Syrian refugees away.

This works kind of like rodent repellent.

Notice that it was private citizens that came up with this.

Leave ingenuity in the hands and minds of normal people, and stuff gets done.

Pork. The other white meat.

Source: Mad World News



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