“Where’s The Beef?” Was a phrase made famous by a TV commercial in 1984, depicting a little old and quite grumpy lady receiving a massive bun with a tiny beef patty and uttering those now legendary words.

However rather than asking “where’s the beef” it seems that Egyptian shoppers should have been asking “is this really beef”, because apparently what they've been eating without them knowing was actually “donkey meat”, which aside from pork is also banned under Islamic law, and thus millions of Muslims have unknowingly defied the rules of Allah.

The mishap apparently began when the owner of a donkey farm, raised around 1,500 donkeys to be used as feed for the National Circus’ lions and tiger, however in reality they were being used to feed the greater Egyptian population of humans. And for years, Egyptian shoppers believed they were buying beef from their local market.

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Hussein Mansour,The Head of Egyptian Food Safety Authority, claims that eating donkey meat is perfectly safe

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Government officials have since launched a massive investigation into this case to make sure that grocery stores are serving meat prepared in licensed butcheries. Hussein Mansour, Head of Egyptian Food Safety Authority, tried to downplay the scandal by telling the public that this wasn’t that bad because they have also probably been eating dog meat unknowingly for years as well.

Does this mean that aside from worrying about Islamic terrorists creating mayhem in America that we should also keep an eye on our donkeys, dogs and perhaps even our cats?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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