Amid rising tensions in refugee camps throughout Europe as the continent tries to cope with the massive migration from the Middle East, desperate conditions are resulting in outbreaks religious violence.

“There is a real problem of Muslims and non-Muslims. Most of the camp’s 3,000-odd occupants are Muslim Kurds from Iraq, Iran and Syria but a minority are Christians from Iran and the Muslims are trying to expel the Christians from the camp,” an anti-riot police officer, David Michaux, told the French news source, Le Figaro.

A gunfight at the Grande-Synthe Camp in northern France, near the historic World War II site of Dunkirk, recently left three men and a woman injured, in what authorities called “simmering tensions between the religious groups in the camp.”

The population of the camp has dramatically increased as migrants seeking entry into Britain have overwhelmed its capacity and ability to provide services or guarantee the safety of the occupants. An estimated 250 children, most of whom are unvaccinated, are now at the camp awaiting an unknown future.

Conditions at Grande-Synthe are reputed to be worse than the infamous camp in Calais known as “The Jungle” due, in part, to its location in a swampy area next to a highway. Workers say the field, turned into a muddy quagmire due to recent rains, has only two potable water outlets and 26 toilets for all 3,000 people at the camp. Garbage has created an infestation of rats and disease is now prevalent.

As conditions worsen with the basics of food, water and shelter from the elements in short supply, the majority group comprised of Muslim migrants is becoming aggressive in trying to force out the minority Christian population.

Plans are in the works to relocate the migrants to a new site at a cost to the French government of $2.2. The new facility will be able to house 2,500 and provide them with heated tents, running water, lavatories and showers in order to meet United Nations’ standards, but it will take time to build.

British Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, recently visited the camp finding the situation worse than he had anticipated, calling on Britain to be participate in a coalition to help the mass of humanity surging across Europe. “These conditions are a disgrace anywhere. We as human beings have to reach out to fellow human beings.”

In France, however, the prime minister, Manuel Valls, has said that the “influx is putting the European Unions’ future in grave danger.”

Source: NationalPost

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