An inventor in Tampa, Florida who has traveled the Middle East has come up with an ingenious idea. Her name is Franklin R. Lacy, and she is using her intelligence and creative processes to stop suicide bombers by using pig's blood.

By clearly labeling a device as pig's blood and placing it in a location where radical Muslims might use suicide bombs, causes a deterrent because radical Muslims believe that getting sloshed with pig's blood will also send them straight to hell. Don't pass Go, don't collect 72 virgins, last stop isn't painted over in white.

Naturally, this is insulting to Muslims. Facing a public backlash, especially from the Director of Faith Matters, Fiyaz Mughal. He states the invention has been created by somebody who seeks to humiliate specific faiths. Which of course, is a huge crock of manure. I haven't seen or heard from a single Hindu, Buddhist or Christian suicide bomber killing innocents anywhere in the world. This is strictly an issue with radical Muslims, who do fear pig's blood on many spiritual levels.

Lacy is also credited with other neat inventions, including a fudge warmer and beverage heater. So she isn't out to singly ruin anybody's destiny for whatever afterlife they strive to kill themselves over. If the idea will actually stop suicide bombers, shouldn't Muslims around the world actually be thrilled to have the violence finally stopped, once and for all?

The world needs to stop walking on eggshells every time some Muslim gets a touch uppity because a woman actually came up with an idea that will give radical Muslims nightmares for years to come. Of course, it also couldn't hurt to expand on her idea, either. Why not load our missiles with jars of pig's blood, or better yet, coat our ammunition with the stuff? How willing will those monsters in human skin be to fight once they realize the moment they get shot or scorched by a missile, they are immediately destined for their own idea of hell?

Insensitive? Not in the least. Using your enemy's worst fear as a battle tactic only makes good common sense, and I'm glad that inventors like Lacy can put it on paper and make it feasible to do. Since Liberals keep saying that lives matter, then why aren't they instantly on-board with this suicide bombing prevention invention?

Thanks to Muslims feeling insulted, Lacy may end up with an unwanted target placed upon her by some jihadist. I wish I could help out by passing her my own spare box of .40 hollow point ammunition, with the tips smudged with a few drops of cold bacon grease. In today's insane world, that may be the best protection she could ever have.

Keep inventing, Lacy, and we'll keep hoping that another viable idea will actually be enough to stop those radical jihadists in their tracks.



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