You know, that thing you get up and go do every day where someone tells you what they want done and in exchange for completion of the task they pay you? That’s called a job.

How many of you out there are able to tell your bosses to stick-it when it comes to not wanting to perform some aspect of your job, and keep said job? Anyone? No? Well, you must not be a Muslim.

In Illinois, two Muslim men, truck drivers, refused to make their run because it required them to deliver beer. They took issue with the load they were carrying because alcohol is against their faith. They were canned.

Being that they are not Christians, the Islamo-pandering Obama administration represented these two men in court. Under the premise that employers must accommodate one’s religious beliefs, they were able to get these men back pay and damages totally 240K.

As Fox News’ Megyn Kelly pointed out; “But when it comes to the Christian bakers, it’s not that fundamental.” If you will recall those folks were fined to the tune of $135K for not baking a cake for a homosexual couple because it was against their religious beliefs. The rules regarding religious objection only apply to Muslims.

We are inching ever closer toward Sharia Law. What is happening is called “nudging.” It is not happening outright via Obama’s trend of issuing a fiat, but it is happening via our courts, public smear campaigns, Judeo-Christian discrimination, and our school systems.

We do not have to fear an invasion by radical Islamists. We have the Obama administration establishing their Caliphate for them. It just happens to be violence free. For now.

Source: Opposing Views


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