The Religion of Pieces has been at it again, this time over in the "Kumbayallah" brotherly love land of Egypt. The place where Muslims and Christians have learned to live congenially alongside one another.

At least that is what we are led to believe. Forget the Egypt uprising of Coptic Christians not long after Barack Obama’s heralded Arab Spring and the springing forth of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia Law, Jizya tax on Christians to keep the Muslim Mafia off their backs.

In Minya, Egypt, a 70-year old Muslim woman was publicly brutalized as punishment for her son’s make-believe sins. The son was having an “affair” with a Muslim woman.

By affair, it means he probably looked cross-eyed her direction, or maybe took her out on a date. Who knows, and it doesn’t matter.  Needless to say, this is not something the barbaric fundamental radical Islam looks kindly upon.

The man’s mother was harassed by the Religion of Pieces. They vandalized her home and set fire to seven other Christian family homes as a warning. Then, they came for her. They dragged Sa’d Thabet from her home and into the center of town.

They called the citizens to the town center to watch what was about to happen. Mrs. Thabet was stripped naked and beaten in front of everyone. Every part of her body, and we mean every part, was beaten.

She was kicked, spit upon and beaten. Then she was forced to walk through the crowd while being beaten. She hid below a wagon, but was dragged out – beaten again.

Eventually, the nightmare ended. Four days later, she got up the nerve to report the crime to the police – the all MUSLIM police force which, shockingly, did nothing. She waited another four days and went back.

The men were arrested, but as we all know, chances are they will soon be turned loose, if they haven’t been already.

God bless Ms. Thabet for her strength and faith.

Shame on Islam, even the moderates for not speaking out. More so for not taking control of their own religion and ending this nightmare.

If radical Islam is not emblematic of their faith, that means there are more moderates among them.  They need to do something about outrages like the one suffered by Mrs. Thabet, and stop being cowards.

Source: Mad World News


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