These stories are beginning to seem all too commonplace. It seems every day there is a new story about the people preaching the 'religion of peace' carrying out some sort of barbaric torture or execution. This most recent case is no different. A group of 'peaceful' Muslim thugs decided a Christian mother needed to pay for what they deemed were her son's sins, and carried out this punishment in typical brutal fashion.

The punishment for this Christian mother in northern Egypt started with her being stripped of her clothing as a prelude to the savage ritual, but what happened next is will leave you speechless.

It all started when 70-year-old mother and grandmother, Sa'd Thabet's Christian grandson was accused of having an affair with a Muslim woman. The two involved are actually both single but since Muslim women are not allowed to have relations with Christians this caused massive outrage.

These savages felt that they needed to teach this Christian family a lesson and decided to focus the brunt of their attack on the innocent Christian woman.

Before these Muslim goons brutalized Thabet they made sure to vandalize her home and burn down an additional seven homes to teach Christians everywhere how intolerant of inter-religious dating their religion is.

But they didn't stop there. They made sure to drive their point home by abducting Thabet from her home and dragging her through the streets to the town square, where all the townspeople could observe the brutality that was about to unfold.

They proceeded to strip her down in public and beat her mercilessly before making her walk through the streets naked to repent for her son's 'sins'.

She could hardly walk so they pushed her and continued to beat her and spit on her.

Eventually she was able to break free and hide underneath a wagon. One woman offered her a blanket, but the group of Muslim thugs found her and beat her for escaping before making her complete her march of shame.

After the incident Thabet went to the police looking for protection and justice, but as  the police force is comprised entirely of Muslims who view all Christians as infidels, they adhere to the law of the Quran that forces them to side with the Muslim in any dispute.

Thabet caught a small break when her story began to go viral resulting in pressure on the police forcing them to arrest six men, however, it is unlikely that these men will get any sort of reprimanding comparable to their brutal crimes.

Barack Obama has repeatedly expressed that he would like to allow these very people to roam free in our country, with America catering to their every need and bowing down to Sharia law.

We can only hope that someone like Trump will come in take the hard stance on these savages that he has said he will. Only then will we be truly safe from this sort of brutality.

Source: The Guardian


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