When a Muslim customer went to McDonald's to order a meal he decided to show a little Islamic courtesy to the McDonald's drive through employee. After the man's order took a bit longer than he expected he decided to spit in the female drive through worker's face. However it didn't end there. She made sure to get the last laugh.

The Muslim thug, Hassan Abdul-Rahim, believes, like many Muslim's, that all people should submit to Islam because all other religions are inferior. With the way the world is going these way Abdul-Rahim surely believed that he could do whatever and his Muslim privilege would save him.

Too bad for him Muslim supremacy isn't a mind-set held by many Americans and he had to learn that the hard way. On January 13 in Essendon, Australia, the 26-year-old Muslim man flew through in the drive through in his fancy Mercedes-Benz.

The 19 year-old female employee politely asked that the Muslim customer pull forward and kindly wait for a worker to bring the man his Coke. The Muslim thug decided that this measly request was completely unacceptable.

The Daily Mail reports that the man looked and the young teen and spit in her face and mouth before speeding away.

The horrified young woman quickly called the Victoria police. With the help of the security footage from the store they were able to identify Abdul-Rahim and charge him with aggravated assault.

The entitled Muslim was sentenced to 1 month in jail but felt that was way too much punishment to give to a Muslim man. So he instantly repealed the sentence and was released. However, he didn't get off quite so easily.

The man went to the appeals court and his appeal was denied. In fact the court decided to really teach the brat a lesson and sentence him to another month in jail.

Now the traumatized teen is having to be tested since some of the spit landed in her mouth. The tests are yet to be released.

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Source: Mad World News

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