A would-be Palestinian bomber died at the hands of his own device. He had not intended to be a suicide bomber, it just worked out that way.

Nobody else was injured or killed, so it was kinda perfect.  The naive Jihadist, obviously not very skilled at making, handling, and detonating pipe bombs was attempting to kill Israeli border security personnel. He must have missed that day in Jihad-school.

“He was not a suicide bomber,” said Micky Rosenfeld, police spokesperson.  He was not wearing an explosive vest, as had been erroneously reported. “We’re talking about a Palestinian with a small explosive.”

The Israeli border checkpoint between Jerusalem and Abu Dis, observed 18-year old Muhammad Halbiya, manhandle his own bomb and suffer the consequences. If the image depicted below is in fact he, he managed to blow off his own forearms and explode his left upper thigh.

His plan had been to chuck it at the security personnel working the border check point. Instead he appears to have chucked himself.

This is what happens if you have the great misfortune to be born and/or raised in the sewer that is the fake country of Palestine. You grow up another brick in the wall of your own world-hating prison. You are taught this hatred in Palestinian schools. 

You are surrounded by anti-Semitic propaganda, anti-Western propaganda, and an immense sense of self. If you happen to make it to adulthood, you repeat the cycle, and so it goes for generations. You are a brotherhood of the vilest creatures on the planet.

So, this is the result of all that pent-up manufactured, millennia old Biblical violence. The Palestinians raise maniacal, brain-washed, hate-mongering bigots.

Islam is a scourge. They are an infectious disease spreading across the whole world. They need to be annihilated, because there is no reasoning with a deranged violent bent-on-murder collective of Jihadis.

Source: Mad World News





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