Sixteen-year old Hamza Warsame, a Seattle area Muslim, plunged several stories to his death back in December. No sooner did his body hit the pavement than the anti-Trump protesters took to the streets screaming, “Donald Trump brings hate.”

The story of the boy’s fall morphed into a tale of a hate-crime. He was murdered—beaten up and pushed off the building. “Stop Islamophobia” and “#JusticeForHamza,” swept network news and social media sites.

At no time did anybody ask what really happened. In this age of Islamo-FAUX-bia, all it takes is one person who looks half-way Muslim and a little shade thrown their way and the Justice Crowd goes batty.

Donald Trump is the perfect scape goat for everything that is wrong in American today. He is a successful businessman. He is white. He is Christian. Thus, he is the perfect target for their hatred.

The New York Times and the Seattle Times each ran pieces that bolstered the anti-Trump rhetoric.

The Hamza Mob, and those purporting to be his friends even held a Facebook event featuring the following post:

My name is Hamza. I was 16 years old. What is my fault? Am I the wrong color? Do I worship the wrong God? Do I look different? Why is the world not mourning for me? Does my blood not matter?”

“You will not use the 1st Amendment to stir hate and violence in our communities.”

Well, it turns out that Warsame was neither beaten, nor pushed off the building. He was high. He was lit-up on weed and he jumped. Drug use is looked down upon in the Islamic faith, and shortly after smoking a doobie, his friend said Hamza became “agitated” and paranoid.

Warsame believe that what he had just done was unforgiveable in the eyes of Allah. While his friend went to the kitchen to make them some food, security footage shows Warsame going out on the balcony and leaping to his death.

This was not about a hate-crime, hate-speech, or even Islamophobia. This was about a kid high on drugs, and so Islamophobic about his own religion he willfully took his own life.

For, that his likeminded Muslim followers should be ashamed. They create the phobia within their own religion as much as they do outside of it. What a tragedy.

Source: Mad World News


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