Mohammed Haji Saddique is a wolf in imam's clothing. The only place for a wolf that preys on its own kind is in a cage -- and in a cage is where Saddique will spend the next 13 years.

A jury in the UK's Cardiff Crown Court found the 81-year-old Koran teacher guilty of 14 offenses that included six charges of indecent assault and eight charges of sexual assault. The judge sentenced Saddique to 13 years in prison.

All of Saddique's four victims were girls, some as young as 5, who were his pupils learning the Koran at the Madina Mosque in Cathays, Cardiff, where he'd been teaching for 36 years. The assaults spanned a decade of torment beginning in 1996, according to prosecutors.

Witnesses said Saddique often touched, groped, or rubbed his victim's tiny bodies against his groin and legs in class. Pupils who gave a wrong answer were slapped.

The sick part is that in spite of the years of corporal punishment and aggressive pedophilia, his pupils stilled called him "Uncle Saddique."

Two of the girls eventually came forward and reported the assaults, though years after they took place.

Well, Uncle Saddique is going away for a very long time, though not nearly long enough for all the lives he's damaged.

Is this how Muslim men treat their women and children? Is Islam the "religion of peace" AND the religion of sexual violence?

Saddique's crimes are a blemish on the Muslim community in Cardiff -- a community that he was honor-bound to protect as well as instruct. It leaves us wondering: had these four girls been non-believers, would the Muslim community have cared as much?

Islam tolerates a lot of abuse directed at non-Muslims. The rape crises in Sweden, Germany, the UK, and other EU countries point to the selective morality of Islam.

There will be many more Mohammed Saddiques before Western countries finally return to their senses.

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Source: Daily Mail

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