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Showing disrespect seems to be a vital part of Islamic teachings, in that the Koran has already established how to deal with none-Muslims, walking out during the singing of a national anthem seems to be in keeping with those teachings.

The issue is perhaps more of ones expectation, in that normal people expect mutual civility within the various cultures, however this Muslim student is doing exactly what’s expected of him, to a far less degree of course, to what the Muslim hordes are doing all across Europe, however the end result is no different in showing contempt and a lack of civility towards others.

According to recent reports, Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School of Victoria has come under fire after allowing young Muslim students to walk out of an assembly when the Australian National Anthem was played.

Lorraine McCurdy, grandmother to two of the students expressed her outrage at seeing between 30 and 40 Muslim pupils leaving the assembly.

“A teacher came forward and said all thanks who feel it’s against their culture may leave the room,” McCurdy told reporters. “I saw red. I felt ‘you don’t walk out on my national anthem.'”

Cheryl Irving, the school’s principal, has stood behind her decision, claiming that during the month of mourning Muslim students do not participate in ‘joyful events”.’

In short another school administrator gives into political correctness, rather than promoting basic civic principles.

Source: Daily Telegraph



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