While sitting down to grab a bite to eat at a local, Austin, Texas café, two Muslim women were verbally set upon by a male patron, who, according to Leilah Adbennabi, said that she “…should just go back to the Saudi Arabia where she came from.”

Nobody came to their defense. Sirat Al-Nahi, the other young woman, said that “…their silence hurt just as much as his words.”

Eventually the women left, but not before Adbennabi told the other customers that they were leaving because of racism and that the restaurant was not addressing it (which was not true, management did intervene), and that nobody cares about them. In response to that last bit, the young women got an affirmative; “nobody” cares.

When a nation goes to war and soldiers die fighting for their right to have the opportunity to go to a café, unaccompanied by a man, only to have a community sit back in silence when a little flack comes their way, they tend to not care when it is Muslims who practice the art of silence so well when it comes to not calling terrorism what it is.

Muslims seem incapable of denouncing their wack-jobs. So, yeah, nobody cares about how sad you are over the breakfast incident.

Perhaps if these women, and their fellow Muslims practiced the “humanity to acknowledge” it, meaning their silence, because it “hurts as much as,” if not more than “words,” they would not get the same in return.

Sorry you did not get to enjoy your breakfast. We’ve been a little busy burying our dead, who died at the hands of your faith.

Source: FOX 7 Austin

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