The great thing about private Christian universities is that students and faculty members are actually level-headed and not of the insane hyper-progressive variety. There are exceptions, of course. This brings us to our SJW story of the day.

Loyola University Chicago is one such private Christian university. It does, however, accept non-Christian students. In fact, the school even goes further and has a department devoted to other faiths, including Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

That is pretty generous for a religious school to accommodate other faiths. Apparently, though, this wasn't enough for a group of Muslim students attending the school. They're complaining that the school over-observes Christmas with all of the on-campus decorations and festivities. Their gripe is that there are too many resources devoted to the Christian holiday and not enough to Muslim holidays.

You can't make this up. At first glance, you would think this is satire, but it's not. In the school newspaper, Muslim student Sajedah Al-khzaleh whined that "Christmas gets more attention on campus than other religious holidays."

Another Muslim said that he doesn't mind the Christmas decorations but wished that "Muslim holidays were just as prominent" on campus.

With that logic, can a Christian, Jewish, or Buddhist student attend a Muslim university in Saudi Arabia or Egypt? They most likely would not be permitted much less be allowed to openly celebrate and adorn the campus in Christmas decor.

To expect equal representation at a Christian school is not only nonsense but also shows how self-entitled these spoiled brats have become.

Loyola University, by the way, even has a Muslim Student Association. Apparently, the school is still intolerant because it didn't put up grand-scale decorations for Ramadan.

Seriously, what's wrong with these students? Are they that indoctrinated by liberal propaganda that their mind is no longer able to understand common sense?

Do you think the school will go the SJW route and cave to the demands?


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